How To Host A Paint And Sip Party In Your Home In Melbourne

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Happiness is homemade – YES. I know this might not be your first time to hear that statement, but it might be the first time you will understand it better. Now, do you want to know how you can stay home for several hours and be happy? It’s simple. You need to hear about the ‘Paint and sip’ home party.  You can read more about Paint and sip by Click here.

Before I go any further, I would like to elaborate on what that concept means to give you a clearer picture. 

What are a paint and sip?

‘Paint and sip’ is the new trend that is gradually taking over the world steadily. And here in Melbourne, it is almost a fad. To be precise, paint and sip have to do with bringing people together to share an evening of wine and art in a casual and relaxed setting. The ‘people’ can comprise your friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members, and more. 

When hosting a paint and sip party, painters would have to sit down and make a nice drawing while sipping one of their favorite drinks. As you might have also guessed, paint and sip are more of a party than a class. Though some people mainly refer to it as a casual class, if you consider the fun and excitement that comes with it, you will also prefer to call it a party.

You can either host paint and sip outdoor or indoor. Although some prefer to host in a garden where there will be some natural side attractions, however, it is equally fun to host it in your home. in fact, it brings more glamour and satisfaction if you host in the comfort of your home. You will only need to add some spice to it to have an unforgettable paint and sip experience. You can read about How To Setup A Virtual Paint And Sip Class – A Step By Step Guide by visiting

Now, that takes back to the initial question, how can you host a paint and sip party in your Melbourne home? It is simple. Sit back, relax, and read on to unveil the secrets. In this article, you will learn how to create a perfect paint and sip setting in your that your friends will always be grateful they attend. 

Are you ready? Allow me to walk you through the process step by step.

How to host a paint and sip party in your home

1. Plan the party

The first thing to do when planning to host a paint and sip party in your house is to create a party-like setting in your home. If you can remember what we have discussed earlier, I told you that paint and sip is more of a party than a class. Now is the time to put it into action.

So, you have to plan it like a regular party. How can you make that happen? It is nothing much. You will only have to prepare the following:

  • Party space

Of course, you want to host the paint and sip party in your house, but you need to determine which part of the building will suit the party. As a word of caution, you have to make sure that you choose the most spacious place in your home to allow the free movement of other painters. Additionally, keep in your that a painter will need at least 2 feet of space. So, you already have a picture of what we are talking about.

  • Lighting

When choosing the right place for the event, you also need to consider lighting. So, you will have to select an area with enough lighting for painters to see their paintings. If there is no enough lighting in the space already, you can buy or rent more lightings to create better illumination. 

  • Décor

After choosing the place that will graciously occupy your invited painters, the next thing is to give the site a party look. Now, to create a party setting, you will have to adore that place with attractive décors to project a standard party setting.

  • Food

Prepare delicious food for the invited painters. Although we call it to paint and sip, it is not a party if there is no food. Come to think of it, painting takes much time. So, how do you plan to keep people in your house for several hours without eating? It is not just ideal. 

Don’t make heavy food that the painters would have to stop what they are doing to eat. Instead, make light party food that painters can simply use one hand to paint and the other hand to eat simultaneously.

  • Drinks

Of course, it is never a paint and sip party unless there are enough drinks on the ground. And, if you have not forgotten, it is one painter one drink. Meanwhile, wine is the traditional drink for a paint and sip party. However, you can choose any other drink that can make the party more fun and vibrant. It is also good to provide a variety of glasses to appeal to people’s tastes and preferences.

  • Invites

Since it is a party, you need to prepare an invitation for your friends. It is not a formality; it is part of the fun. You can also use the invite to tell them what they need to bring along when coming for the painting. 

2. Plan the painting 

Since it is a combination of painting class and party, the next thing after you have planned the party is to prepare the painting itself.  At this juncture, you will need to get the list of essential painting materials each person will need. Some of the critical painting tools that each painter might need for the painting include:

  • Three paintbrushes: This comprises a fine point, medium and large flat brush
  • A sheet of pallet paper: You can also use a foam plate to mix your paint.
  • A 9 x 12 canvas: You will need to get the one that is stable on the back. Those stapled on the side might require you to frame the finished painting.
  • A plastic cup of water: You will need this to wash your brushes.
  • Acrylic paint: It can be white, black, cerulean blue, or any other color you prefer, but make sure it is uniform.
  • Strips of masking tape: Get this as many as possible.


It is essential that you, as the host, should have at least a little bit of creative and artistic ability. Though, it is not compulsory. I only recommend that for you if you are planning to lead the party. 

If you don’t have any artistic skill, you can talk to a friend that knows the nitty-gritty or invite a professional painter to help you out. Whichever the case, keep in mind that there must be a knowledgeable painter to lead the party.