Best Maintenance Tips For Your Hairdressing Tools

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For every hair salon, proper maintenance of the tools is a constant ‘Yes.’  You can imagine how much it could cost to buy a new set of hairdressing tools after using them for just a short while. It’s indeed pathetic. I have been in that shoe during the earlier stage of my hair business. So, I know what it means to spend a substantial unplanned amount of money constantly repairing hairdressing tools or replacing them. 

As a hairdresser Paddington , your tools are the primary instruments that contribute to your healthy business account. However, they can also be the instruments that can make the bank account turn red if you take maintenance with levity. 

Meanwhile, it is easy to ignore taking proper care of your hairdressing tools, especially if your business records very high patronage daily. You might be carried away with the need to attend to customers all through the day, thereby doing a shabby cleaning of the tools at the closing time. That’s why dirt and germs accumulate in the tools providing several harmful effects to your customers’ hair. 

One of the treasures you will dig out in this article is that it is wrong to take tools maintenance as an afterthought. If you want your tools to give you the best result consistently, you need to take maintenance more deliberately. So how do you go about it? Read below to discover the best maintenance tips for your hairdressing tools to keep your hair tolls safe.


These tools always experience frequent use. So, you might need to treat them adequately to keep them in a high-functioning condition. The following maintenance tips will guide you to take good care of your combs and brushes. 

  • Immediately after use, remove all the hairs that might have piled up inside the bristles of your brushes and combs using a long thin material such as a toothpick, toothbrush, or end of a tail comb. Use the narrow end to rake through bristles’ rows, then pull out to remove the hairs at the brushes’ base.
  • Use the longer and thinner bristle end of your cleaning tool with mild soap and water to clean away the styling residue, then dry your brush and combs completely. 
  • You can also soak your high-quality brushes and combs into recommended cleaning solutions. After soaking, rinse them with cold water and let them dry naturally.
  • It is also advisable to sanitize your brushes and combs with a cleanser every week. It will make your hairdressing tools safer from germs and diseases. 

Note: if you are using metal combs or brushes, do not soak them in cleaning solutions. You can put a soft cleaning cloth into alcohol to rub your brushes/combs. click here to learn about cleaning your hair.


The sheer is one of the essential tools in a typical hairdressing salon. So, it merits all the attention you can ever give. To maintain your sheers properly, try these expert’s tips.

  • Without a doubt, the accumulation of dirt on the blade’s surface will make it blunt in a short while. It is good to get a leather cloth to wipe up and down the edges to remove every dirt on the blade’s surface. When you are eliminating the imperfections on the blade’s surface, you are performing a mini sharpening. 
  • Make sure you oil your sheers and adjust the tension. 
  • Sterilize your sheers after each use to kill the germs on the blade before using it for another customer. 
  • The sheers work more every day. So, make sure that you follow these maintenance tips every day, before and after usage, to prolong the life span of your sheers. 

Note: take extra care when cleaning your Sheer’s blade to avoid cut in your hands or damage to the blades. Check the manual to learn how to clean the sheer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Irons tend to retain residues from styling products. They can become filthy if you ignore cleaning them for a day. Use the following tips to keep your irons clean always.

  • Always clean the plate. The plate requires much focus in cleaning because it is the part that has direct contact with your customers. Make sure you turn off the iron before cleaning.
  • Dip a clean cloth in vinegar and wipe the plate with a firm grip. 
  • After you got rid of the residue, use a dry, clean cloth to wipe it finally. Then, switch on the tool to warm it up to melt away every other residue hiding in the irons. 
  • Whether flat or curling, irons are not something you wait till closing time before you clean. You must ensure that you clean it after each use before using it for the next client. When you heat customers’ hair spraying, the polymer in the hairspray can gum to the plate. That will slow down the styling process.

Note: Do not wrap the cord of the irons around them when storing the tools. It can make the cord malfunction and stop working untimely.


  • Trimmer and clippers are more liable to store up dirt and germs in their blades. So, always ensure that you disinfect and oil the blades before using your clippers or trimmers for another customer. 
  • Note that disinfecting your blades is not the same as oiling. 
  • For the clippers, it is good to always brush the blades with a toothbrush after each use. Constantly cleaning and oiling will make your clippers sound calmer and last longer.


You might not have to clean your hairdryers after each use, but you should strive to clean the filter of your dryer at least twice a week. When long hair strands pills in the dryer filter, it can damage your dryer’s motor.  learn more about hair dryers motor visit


Proper maintenance of your tools will you big money and prolong their life span. The best part of it is that it doesn’t take long to clean your hairdressing tools and put them in a pre-use perfect condition. You need a few seconds to extend the life span of your hair tools to a longer date. 

Additionally, maintaining your tools doesn’t require money; you only have to create time to get things done perfectly.